Johanna's Bodywork Testimonials

Johanna's Teaching Testimonials

"I love my morning yoga with Johanna. It sets a contemplative tone for the day."

-Jill G.

"Johanna, you were beautiful to watch and learn from. Thank you!" -Yahna S

"Johanna was just plain awesome! Hands down! Great presence, loving, kind, compassionate and aware! Yoga was wonderful- every work session should begin with Johanna leading yoga and meditation! Thank you!"

- Laura S

"Johanna was very organized and responsive to the group."

-Rachel R, massage therapist

"The course was well-thought out in so many ways. Meeting the needs of us, the guests and the intentions of the department. Johanna- WOW you were beautiful to watch and learn from."

-Tracey M., massage therapist

"Johanna clearly put a lot of work into this and it showed. The training was interesting, entertaining and thoughtful."

-Dan D., massage therapist

"Johanna is amazing. Her knowledge, passion & presence were gifts to us all." -Amy T, licensed massage therapist

"I really appreciate the obvious care and attention Johanna put into this training. She did an excellent job."

"I'm always disappointed with superficial spa-like massages. Johanna is the real deal and thats why I love her massages. She knows how to get to all the parts of my body that hurt and often finds and fixes thing I didn't even know need fixing! I always feel good after our sessions. Most importantly, I know she cares. You can't go wrong with Johanna!"

-Karden Rabin, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Johanna's massage was by far the best I have ever experienced. She is extremely sensitive, kind, caring, and intuitive with her touch. She listens deeply to her client's body, and the result is a healing, safe, therapeutic gift."

-Gwendolyn Shapiro, yoga instructor and psychotherapist

"Johanna provides excellent care to her guests/clients. She is focused and is very concerned with the care you are receiving. My results were excellent. The reflexology I received even provided me with back relief for the following three days."

-Laura Kurowski, Licensed Esthetician

"Not only are Johanna’s massages delightfully enjoyable but the lasting benefits are amazing. She has helped me through difficult times of pain and stress, and has been very sensitive to my unique needs with scoliosis. She has an incredible way of tuning into my body's needs and will often notice areas of tension that I myself am unaware of. Her style is flowing and graceful, strong and powerful. Thank you for sharing your passion and talent, you have helped me so much!”

-Rebecca Duke, School Psychologist

"Johanna brought me to a deeply relaxed space- an ethereal, other-worldly place, really- which was particularly impressive since I walked in with so much zingy zany energy that I wasn't sure I'd be able to relax at all. Technically speaking, her massage was perfect, coming from a connoisseur... but it was really the energy she brought which dropped me into my body so profoundly. I would recommend her to anyone. We are lucky to have her in our midst!"

-Kelly Blazer, yoga Instructor, massage therapist and psychotherapist

"Johanna brings great sensitivity and creativity to her work as a massage therapist. She creates a healing environment that makes it easy to let go of worldly concerns. Her touch is strong and assured and she is extremely attentive to individual concerns and preferences. I could not recommend her more highly."

-Karen Levine, Psychotherapist

"Johanna is one of the most qualified and exceptional massage therapists I have had the fortune of receiving! Every massage has succeeded in helping me relax, relieving pain and leaving me feeling whole and ready to meet the world in a more positive way. I would highly recommend Johanna's work - you won't be disappointed!"

-Linda Jackson, Owner at The Centre for Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage

"Johanna's massages consistently leave me feeling so peacefully energized that sometimes I can't help but wonder 'what if everyone in the world could have a massage by Johanna once in a while?'"

-Martin Fabian, Medical Professional


"My experience with Johanna was amazing! I have arthritis issues and she was gentle and soothing in those areas. The flow of her hands was like a wave washing over my body and at one point I told her I felt as if I was having an out-of-body experience! She is professional and very healing. 5 stars for sure!"

-Rita L.

"Johanna was mindful, careful and PRESENT. I felt she was giving her 100% to our time together."

-Robin H.

"Before my last session with Johanna, I was suffering from emotional anxiety and physical pain from sitting uncomfortably for long periods of time working at a computer. During the session I felt soothed and nurtured. Johanna went into the areas where I was experiencing pain with sensitivity and depth, listening to my body and responding with exactly the right amount of pressure to encourage me to let go. The next day I felt energized and at ease in my body." -David M.

"I have never had such a healing massage. Johanna seems to sense the troubled areas and heals them. I have started regular visits and can't wait until my next massage.... simply the best!" -Michael A.